Let's go Racing!

crying Towels-team 6

​Mary McMahon &

Jim McMahon


​We are race to honor the memory of Don and Tookie Hensley, and to raise money for flight scholarships in their name.

Thanks to all who participated in our Havasu 600 Air Race!

​Fifth Place-team 17

Vince Beltran & Matt Emerson

Third Place-team 4
Jon Hankins & John Irwin

First Place-team 7

Royce Clifford & Melissa Sliffe

Sixth Place-team 10

Laura DelFavero & Pat Gregory

4th Annual Havasu 600 Air Race

​Don and Tookie Hensley Memorial Race

Second Place-team 15

Scott "Pitch" Taylor & Jacob smith

​Fourth Place-team 14

Sean Hayes & Damon Anderson