RACE Results are in:

1st place Team Nine Mary McMahon, Steve Sillin Jim McMahon 

2nd place Team 27 Jon Hankins Shannon Hicks

3rd place Team 8 Arlene and Michael Wohlgemuth

4th place Team 5 Royce Clifford and Melissa Sliffe

5th place Team 17 Marge Thayer, Helen Beulen, Tiva Devitt

6th place Team 2 Steve Getter and Vince Beltran

7th place Team 3 Denise Jennings and Dana Glidden

8th place Team 6 Scott Ward, Brian Schultz, Ballast Bobby

9th place Team 13 Robbie Willis and Ara Briley

10th place Team 1 Pat Gregory and Laura DelFavero

11th place Team 10 Andy Campbell and Tom Roger

12th place Team 11 Debby Cunningham and Leslie Ingham

13th place Team 7 Pam Rudolph and John Irwin

14th place Team 4 Nora Feddal and Alisa Liley

​15th place Team 14 Greg Wilhelm and Steve Gnandt

Non Competition Team 12 Kaylyn Hertsch Chris Hertsch MacKenzie Mollohan

Race Start (67L) Nov 10, 2017            Race Terminus (HII) Nov 11, 2017

Let's go Racing!

2 Days - 3 States - 5 Flybys - 600 nautical miles

Havasu 600 Air Race

​Don and Tookie Hensley Memorial Race