3rd Annual Havasu 600 Air Race

​Don and Tookie Hensley Memorial Race

Shannon Hicks Hankins - Handicap Coordinator (928-412-4529) Shannon.aviatrix@gmail.com

Upon receipt of your entry, you will be contacted about arranging the handicap flight.

All teams are assigned a handicap speed. In order to obtain a handicap, Teams must fly an acceptable Handicap flight for the current year’s race. Handicap flights must be completed prior to a team registering at the Start.

If, at any time, new information is presented that calls into question the validity of the assigned handicap, the Pilot must make their airplane available for additional Handicap flights. The results of these flights may cause the handicap to change, either up or down. The Team will be disqualified if it is found that they willfully changed the airplane, after the Handicap Flight, to gain race advantage.